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Mentor for the Moment

Mentor for the Moment, or one-time mentoring, provides a focused opportunity for networking and learning experiences. Our Mentor for the Moment program helps you learn job related skills, gain cross-departmental knowledge, explore internal career paths and build stronger networks -- all with no minimum time commitments.

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100+ Women Strong Mentoring

100+ Women Strong’s mission is to recruit, retain and reward Auburn women in engineering. Through personal connections with a 100+ Women Strong mentor, students have the opportunity to gain the skills and confidence needed on their journey to become successful engineers.

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Engineering Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is designed as a one-to-one relationship between students enrolled in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.  This relationship is designed to help students learn more about engineering, set academic goals, and encourage engagement within the College of Engineering.

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Engineering Young Alumni Mentoring

The Alumni Mentorship Program’s main objective is to support junior and senior engineering students in their
transition from college into a successful professional life at the beginning of their careers. 


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